Reyting bahisçileri rf

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reyting bahisçileri rf

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67 thoughts to “Reyting bahisçileri rf”

  1. Waoooo watching from Nigeria…. please this method of programming, is applicable to other product?… thank for this wonderful video

    1. @Robojax yes sir … i have this product with me MODEL: MFK298, FREQUENCY: 315MHz …. im finding it difficult to reprogram.. please can you help solve the problem sir. Thanks

    2. I am not sure. there 100s of products and it might be the same or different.

  2. Hello I would like to use my vehicle transmitter to operate the relay contacts?

    1. it can work only with the same chip that is in the transmitter only.

    2. @Robojax even if it transmittis at the same frequency? Is there a way to alter the board to be able to program it from different controller?

    3. Hello, the transmitter for your vehicle is totally different technology. will not work. also security will not allow it.

    1. this is just a switch to trurn something ON or OFF. I have no idea how your tanker work.

  3. What is the distance ranch of this controller?

    1. Maximum 30m. The range is standard on such device. always under 30m.

  4. 12 volts and how many amperes power supply should need to run this circuit?

    1. @Robojax Walikum Asalam thanks bro for your prompt response. You have resolved my query

    2. Assalamu alaikum Muhammad, you can use any 12V power supply as this needs very little current like 200mA. so you cant find 200mA, you can use 500mA 1000A or any thing .

    1. I dont know anything about hte ventalitor like how it works and details of it.

  5. Thanks my friend, it was really helpful and saved me a lot of time.

  6. Friend, how can I do so that momentary mode can press two buttons at the same time and activate both outputs at the same time?

    1. I believe I have left nothing without explaining. I dont remember anything about this module. to answer, it I would have to watch it. so you better watch and get answer. if you cant find the answer, it means this module cant do it. of course you can modify this module by soldering wires so when you presee ONE push button, turn ON two relays etc. Good luck.

  7. Very good. I bought a few units, but some units delatch after sometime. Any idea what can be?

    1. I have no idea. either the module is bad or receiver receives signal or assumes to be receiving signal . of course I assume that your transmitter keys are safe and no one presses any key. or check the keychain to see if buttons are good. sometimes they could be depressed a little and you wont know.

  8. Hi great tutorial, I need to use this for my rc car lights. LEDs , they have a positive/negative wire and the others only have 1 wire…. How can I power it with a 3s lipo (12v) but not burn the LEDs as I believe they are limited to 3v… Thanks a lot!😁

    1. Hi, and you are welcome. the LED should be either 2 wires which is regular LED or 4 wires which RGB (3 for R, G and B and wone for Ground). if your LED has 3 wires, then you have 2 LED with one common Ground. something like this so find the common wire by disconnecting them one by one to see which one turns OFF both and connect that to the relay to turn it ON or OFF.
      as for powering with 3S lipo, I did not get it, powering this module? it will not harm this. I have clearly explained that this module needs power to operate and it has nothing to do with your LED or other stuff or even AC load that you turn ON or off. I hope this helps you. good luck.

    1. @Robojax can I power a single channel rated 12v version of this using lower voltage? Like 5v?

  9. Also tell us the ics or microcontrollers which are used in the product while product reviews.

    1. not needed because you dont deal with those. if they burn you throw this module and buy another one because the components are more expensive than the module.

  10. Thanks Ahmad, I just got mine and trying to figure out how to use it to control my garage. This has been a great help!

  11. Thank you VERY much for the tip on the other modes. Supplier advertised it as momentary only, so I thought I was going to have to send it back or do a lot of extra circuitry. Brilliant now its toggle which is what I wanted 😃

    1. You are welcome. Please subscribe. I appreciate it and helps my channel grow. Thank you

  12. Hello, comment décoder le signal reçus de plusieurs émetteurs avec simplement un récepteur 433mhz et Arduino, pour de la domotique. pour commander des relais avec plusieurs télécommande différente.

  13. Hello, comment décoder le signal reçus de lémetteur ave Arduino avec simplement un récepteur 433mhz et Arduino, pour de la domotique.

  14. Very detailed and informative. Thank you for taking the time to explain and show us how to use it.

  15. posso usar o rádio baofeng para acionar esse relé?

    1. Não, você não pode. isso vem com este transmissor e receptor.

  16. What is the role of jumper if it has four pins 1,2,3,4. What are its modes with it? How to set the modes and operate?

    1. that is exactly I made the video for. please watch fully. you will not have any question left at the end.

  17. Love the channel! I have tried using a similar relay, but it is a 220v trigger and 220v relay. I can pair the remote and the LED flashes and beep when done. But when I try to activate relay with remote, relay does not respond, only unit beeps ?!? Any thoughts

    1. @Robojax Thanks anyhow. I have 5 of these modules – time to put them back in the Ill play with it one day! box 🙂

    2. Thank you. This is strange. Because flashing only comes when the code for the remote is stored. I did an online search and found the receiver chip page where you can see the datasheet. and in this page there is another example with Arduino But could not find solution for it. Perhas something is wrong with relay module.

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